Get federal tax prep for expats

For expats, federal tax prep is often more complicated than stateside filing, with additional documentation requirements and country-specific considerations. We’re here to help — no matter how you file.

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International tax filing can be a breeze with us

Nearly every U.S. citizen or Green Card holder living or working abroad must file federal taxes. Filing while abroad is complicated, and choosing the wrong service can lead to an incorrect tax return. Expats have extremely specific federal tax forms and unique situations not accounted for in domestic online tax prep.

Ensure you’re getting every credit and deduction you deserve with our help. File your own online, or have our international tax advisors prepare your taxes for you — both with 100% accuracy guaranteed.

What makes federal tax filing for expats more complicated?

Here’s a short list of things we can manage, so you don’t have to:

foreign currency symbols

Reporting any foreign assets

double taxation currency graphic

Mitigating double taxation

checkmark graphic for tax treaties

Assessing tax treaty eligibility

foreign document graphic for federal taxes

Managing foreign documents

bell for federal tax deadline reminder

Honoring country-specific deadlines

Frequently asked questions

Yes. As a U.S. citizen or Green Card holder, you must file U.S. taxes and report your income even if you’re a permanent resident or citizen of a foreign country.

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Yes. Even if you don’t owe taxes to the IRS or a state government, as an American living abroad, you may receive a penalty for not filing taxes.

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You can file your expat taxes in five easy steps. Our virtual tax preparation service matches you with a tax advisor experienced in expat taxes, provides you a price up front, and guarantees an accurate return.

Or if you’d like to handle your taxes on your own, our online tax preparation service lets you file in four easy steps with unlimited technical support and the option to have an expert review your return for an additional fee.

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