Two great options: Convert to H&R Block and join the team or sell your business entirely.

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We Have Two Opportunities

At H&R Block, we have multiple operating models to help you achieve your business goals.

1. Become A Franchisee

H&R Block can help you grow your business and stay ahead of industry changes. Convert your existing tax business to an H&R Block franchise and receive the following benefits:

  1. Receive a cash payment when you join our team
  2. Continue to set your own pricing, hours of operation and more
  3. Proven growth programs to help you expand your business
  4. Continuing education courses that include tax code updates
  5. Dedicated local support teams to help you grow your business
  6. We will pay up to 70% of the purchase price when you buy a competitor
  7. Innovative products and services that help attract and retain clients
  8. Multicultural support that includes a Spanish only website, bilingual advertising, bilingual training programs, inbound call center with bilingual agents and more
  9. Local and national advertising that will help you grow your business

2. Sell Your Business

You can maximize the value of your business when you sell to H&R Block. We will preserve your seasoned staff and client relationships. You can stay involved in the business until you are ready to retire. When you sell your business to H&R Block you will receive the following benefits:

  1. Receive an upfront cash payment
  2. We may hire your seasoned staff
  3. Set your own retirement time table
  4. Avoid broker fees, we deal directly with you
  5. We are a qualified buyer with an excellent reputation

There are many benefits to becoming an H&R Block franchisee.

When you convert your existing tax business to an H&R Block location, you benefit from our brand strength,
growth programs and the support systems we provide.

Over 59 Years of Experience

Since 1955 H&R Block has prepared more than 625 million tax returns. Our annual revenues exceed $3 billion. We offer the resources of a large corporation, but the personalized service of a small firm.

It’s Your Business

You remain in charge of your business and make all the major decisions. You set your own pricing, hours of operation, hire and train your staff and more. Our franchisees enjoy their independence, while benefiting from our support. On average, our franchisees have been with us for over 20 years and own three or more locations.

Local Support Team

You will not be alone. H&R Block has a strong field management team that will provide personalized service and the resources you need. You will have a team of professionals that provide free, individualized public relations and marketing assistance. They will help you promote your business within your local community.

Best in Class Training

We have over 250 year-round continuing education tax courses and business management classes. These can be taken on-line, or instructor led. Many of the courses are offered in Spanish.

Financial Assistance

We will invest in your business to help you achieve your goals. We provide financial assistance with off season support, bad debt relief and capital for future growth.

Brand Strength

Ask anyone and most have heard of H&R Block. Our brand strength is one of our most powerful tools. The H&R Block brand represents strength, expertise and stability.

Growth Programs

We can help you grow your business. Our year-round marketing and advertising is designed to drive clients into your location. In addition, we will help you buy a competitor by paying up to 70% of the purchase price. To help you grow your business, you will receive annual advertising dollars to spend in your local market.

Superior Products and Services

You will be able to offer your clients the best tax and financial products in the industry. Our value added products and services are why millions come back to H&R Block year after year.

  • H&R Block Guarantee – If the IRS audits your clients, H&R Block will assist you in answering their questions.
  • H&R Block Emerald Prepaid Mastercard® – Millions of our clients love this rewards card.
  • H&R Block Emerald Advance® Line of Credit – Your clients can repeatedly use this year-round line of credit for all those unexpected emergencies.
  • Refund Anticipation Checks – An added service that provides convenience for your clients.
  • Peace of Mind® Extended Service Plan – A worry free guarantee that is available to your clients that ensures any additional taxes assessed because of an error will be paid by H&R Block.
  • Second Look – A review of the client’s last three years tax return. This service includes the worry free service guarantee.

Are you ready to retire or looking to create an exit strategy?

H&R Block offers generous buyout packages. We will work together to develop a plan that meets your retirement timeline. We encourage you to stay involved in the business until you are ready to retire. We will work with you to retain your staff. For your clients, this means they will continue to receive the same great service from the team they know and trust.

“I sold my 20-year tax practice to H&R Block and it was the best decision I ever made. They paid me a very generous price and they did not come in and change everything. My staff and clients are very happy as well. My stress level is down because H&R Block has an amazing infrastructure that provides help with human resources, technology, tax code research and more.”

Lloyd Leuthner – 2 Locations

The decision to sell your business is a difficult one. We understand the importance
of a smooth transition.

A few of the benefits of selling to H&R Block are:

  • Receive an upfront cash payment
  • We offer generous buyout packages
  • Flexible transition period that includes co-branding
  • Your staff will be in good hands when they join the H&R Block family
  • We will deal directly with you, no need to pay broker fees
  • We are a qualified buyer with a solid reputation

Browse Our Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about joining our team when you convert your tax business or creating an exit strategy so you can retire.

Become a Franchisee
What qualities does H&R Block look for in a prospective franchisee?

We are looking for entrepreneurs who currently have a tax business. They should have a passion for success, the ability to expand their own business, and a sincere desire to provide the best client experience possible.

What type of training do you offer new franchisees?

As a new franchisee, you will participate in training programs that will outline our entire operation. We will share business planning strategies, local marketing ideas, tips to improve the client experience, and much more. Our goal is to ensure your business is a success. In addition, we offer year-round basic and advanced training through our Income Tax Courses, Business Management Seminars and National Operations Meetings.

How much field support will I receive to establish and operate my franchise?

As an H&R Block franchisee, you will have a dedicated local field management team who are personally interested in your success. Our field managers are there to assist you at any time with all facets of business operations.

How much advertising, marketing and public relations support can I expect?

H&R Block spends significantly more on marketing and advertising than its competitors. As a franchisee, you will benefit from these efforts and from the reputation of the H&R Block brand. Best of all, you are not required to contribute any additional funds for our national advertising campaigns. You will have access to free local public relations and marketing support. In fact, we have an entire team dedicated to assisting you with marketing in your local community. You will also receive marketing dollars to spend as you determine.

Can I expand my franchise to include multiple offices?

H&R Block encourages successful franchisees to expand and grow their offices. We will help you with the expansion by paying up to 70% of the purchase price when you acquire a competitor. We will help you through the entire process by helping you structure and negotiate the deal, provide free help with the contracts, business valuation and more.

Can I purchase an existing H&R Block franchise location?

There are multiple opportunities to purchase existing H&R Block franchises throughout the country. Check our list often as we frequently update our available locations. Find locations that are for sale near you.

Sell Your Business
Why should I sell to H&R Block?

H&R Block is a financially solid, multi-billion dollar public company. You can be confident that H&R Block will deliver on its financial commitment to pay you the agreed upon price and all other contractual obligations.

H&R Block has an experienced team of professionals that will create a seamless transition for you and your clients. We also offer you the opportunity to stay involved serving clients, without the responsibilities of running the business.

What type of firm is H&R Block looking for?

H&R Block's business is based on personal relationships. We look for individuals who share our values of integrity, respect, client focus, and teamwork.

In addition, we put a high value on:

  • A successful business with loyal customers
  • A committed staff
  • Individual and business clients
If I sell to H&R Block, how will it affect my clients and my staff?

H&R Block values its employees. We understand how critical they are to the success of our business. We strive to retain your employees so they can continue to serve the clients who have relied on them over the years. We will work together to achieve both client and employee satisfaction to ensure the ongoing success of the business.

How does H&R Block value my firm?

Every firm is unique. Our experienced team of professionals will work with you to determine the appropriate value for your business.

When is the best time to sell my business?

The best time to sell is at least two years before you truly intend to retire. We are interested in buying businesses before the month of October. This will allow enough time to successfully transition the business before the next tax season.

How do I get started if I am interested in learning more?

Contact us by completing our online form. A local developer in your area will respond to your request.
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Discover the benefits of owning an H&R Block tax office from our franchisees.

Growth and Expansion

“I converted my business because I wanted to grow and expand. Each year I have been able to attract and retain hundreds of new clients because of their products and services. I enjoy the best of two worlds; the rewards of running my own business and the support of a nationwide industry leader.”

Hanwook Jo – 3 Locations

Client and Business Focus

“I have been with H&R Block for over 16 years. It is a great organization. Because of their support, I can focus on my clients and grow my business. I am open year round and offer my clients bookkeeping, payroll and many other business services. I would encourage anyone to consider joining H&R Block.”

Joanne Kopanski – 4 Locations

Ultimate Support

“The support I receive is fantastic. The Tax Institute has helped me research some difficult tax situations. This has allowed me focus on my clients rather than spending hours researching the changing tax laws.”

Angela Scott – 1 Location

Best In Class Training

“My associates and I take all our training classes through H&R Block. They help me track my associates’ credits so I ensure everyone remains IRS compliant. It has allowed each of us to increase our certification levels, providing more value to our clients. Why go elsewhere and pay more?”

Carlos Martinez – 3 Locations

Locations For Sale

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Please check back often as we frequently update our list of locations for sale.

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