Terms and Conditions

With our No Surprise Guarantee, we promise the following four benefits to our commercial clients – whether we prepare your taxes for you ("Assisted Clients") or you do your taxes with our DIY online/software tax preparation products ("DIY Clients") -- during the tax preparation experience you select:

Upfront Transparent Pricing

For Assisted Clients, our upfront transparent pricing allows you to know the price before you begin. DIY Clients can know the list price for the selected H&R Block Online or software product, and Price Preview will help Online product users understand in advance how and why their price changes during the process.

Transparent Process

Assisted Clients who are in the office can follow along on your own screen during tax preparation. DIY Clients will receive real-time insight into your estimated refund or balance due as you go.

Free Audit Assistance

If an Assisted or DIY Clients receive a tax notice, we'll review the notice with you, help you understand the position taken by the IRS, and explain your options for how to respond.

Free Mid-year Care check-in

We'll provide Assisted and DIY Clients with a mid-year reminder to review your W-4 withholdings, a W-4 calculator tool, and an optional consultation to help ensure you’re on track and to help avoid unwelcome tax surprises on next year’s tax return.

If you believe H&R Block has not provided the above benefits, please contact 1-800-HRBLOCK within 30 days of your date of filing for Upfront Transparent Pricing and Transparent Process claims; by November 30 of the calendar year in which the applicable return was prepared for the Free Mid-Year Check-in; and there is a three year time limit on claims related to the Free Audit Assistance. We will review your claim, and in the event we failed to provide the above benefits, you will receive a coupon for 20% off the price of next year’s tax preparation at H&R Block. The No Surprise Guarantee is only available for H&R Block Assisted Clients, online DIY clients that used our Free Online, Deluxe Online, Premium Online, or Self-Employed Online editions, and software DIY Clients. The No Surprise Guarantee does not apply to any other program or promotion including those offered in association with third parties and is only available at participating locations. Some benefits of the No Surprise Guarantee may be limited for entity returns.