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Top 5 H&R Block Emerald Prepaid Mastercard® Myths – Busted!

3 min read

3 min read

What do you think of when you hear “prepaid debit card”? Maybe you think it’s some sort of gift card. Or, that it isn’t any different from a credit card. Maybe you have no idea what it is at all!

A prepaid debit card can be useful financial tools for anyone. They help prevent overdrafts and help to maintain a budget.

This is where we can help. The H&R Block Emerald Prepaid Mastercard® is an easy and convenient way to access your money. It’s a general-purpose reloadable card you can use for your everyday needs. You can even load your tax refund on the Card!

There are many common myths and misunderstandings around prepaid debit cards, and the Emerald Card® in particular. Here are a few of them, debunked, so you can better understand the overall benefits of this type of card:

Myth #1: Only people without bank accounts use a prepaid debit card.

It’s true that prepaid debit cards are a great solution for those without bank accounts. However, that doesn’t mean those are the only people who use them. Did you know that some people who use reloadable prepaid debit cards also have a traditional financial product, like a checking or savings account.

Even if you DO have a bank account, prepaid debit cards are a handy way to access and manage your money. In fact, they can even be a great budgeting tool. You can use the Emerald Card to set aside funds for a particular purpose – say loading $20 each week to use for special shopping trips. Then when you are ready to make some purchases, you can only spend as much as you have on the Card.

Myth #2: Not all stores accept prepaid debit cards.

Contrary to popular belief, prepaid debit cards are accepted at most retailers across the country. In fact, you can use your Emerald Card at any location that accepts Debit Mastercard®.

Myth #3: You can’t use a prepaid debit card online.

Sometimes cash won’t work – like when you’re shopping online or booking travel. Luckily, you may have the answer in your wallet if you have an H&R Block Emerald Prepaid MasterCard.

The Emerald Card gives you the flexibility to shop on the Internet, and set your mind at ease, too. US Mastercard Zero Liability protects you against unauthorized purchases, theft and fraud¹.

So surf the web, and book or buy with confidence.

Myth #4: Prepaid debit cards are sneaky and have too many fees.

A bank could charge as much as $45 for an overdraft fee! With an Emerald Card you won’t risk an overdraft fee.

You can also see the fees clearly explained on the H&R Block website.

Myth #5: You never know how much money you have on your card.

It’s easy to know your balance with the Emerald Card. The Emerald Card stands out because it has a feature called Tap for Balance2 that lets you view your balance in real time via a mobile app. You can access your Card balance without having to make a phone call or send a text message.

How do I Get an Emerald Card?

Emerald Cards are issued at any participating H&R Block tax office location.

For more information, or to find an office near you visit www.hrblock.com.

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