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As a do-it-yourselfer, you know filing your own taxes online lets you complete your return quickly and easily at home. Yet there are times when it’d be great to get a taxes double check from an expert online. With Tax Pro Review from H&R Block, you can do just that.

Without ever stepping into one of our offices, you can tap the expertise of an H&R Block tax pro to review your tax return online. Add Tax Pro Review to any of our online products and you’ll get access to our knowledgeable experts virtually.

Why Consider A Tax Return Review

Choosing an online option for doing your taxes lets you keep a hands-on approach, so you stay on top of your tax filing. But if you’re like many tax filers, you’d appreciate the added assurance of an expert’s review for your unique situation or as your filing needs may change each year.

Events in your life, such as buying a home, getting married or having kids, can affect your options for credits, deductions or even your tax filing status. What’s more, changes in state or federal rules can impact your return.

Benefit From Tax Review Services Online at H&R Block

Having one of our experienced tax pros comprehensively review your completed tax return online can give you the confidence of knowing you’ve got your taxes won. Our tax professionals are dedicated to uncovering every credit and deduction, so you get back every dollar you deserve.Disclaimer number84. Scroll to bottom of page.

Completing a form not specifically included in your product? No problem. With Tax Pro Review, your tax pro can file any form you need.

Of course, that’s all on top of the simplicity and ease of filing with any of our online options and tools. We make it a snap to upload your documents and prior tax year information. You’ll even see your refund results in real-time.

How Tax Pro Review Works

Start by choosing the product that best suits your tax situation using our product selector. Within a few quick clicks, we’ll identify the online product that’s right for you. You can add a Tax Pro Review at any time during the process. Add it from the start or after you complete a portion or your entire tax filing.

Once you have completed your filing, you’ll get connected with the tax pro best matched to your situation and send him or her your return. Your personal tax pro will communicate with you through the secure message center and will complete your return within three days and send it back to you for your final review. Once approved, your tax pro will e-file your return for you. It’s that easy.

Take Advantage of Tax Pro Review Today

Complete your taxes quickly and easily and get the added confidence of double checked tax return. Add Tax Pro Review and know you’ll have your taxes done right.

Get started with Tax Pro Review.

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