I have unreimbursed expenses from work that I would like to claim on my tax return. Is there an unreimbursed employee expenses form that I need to use?


You can include unreimbursed expenses on your tax return. For unreimbursed employee expenses, Form 2106: Employee Business Expenses will need to be completed.

Popular fees include:

  • Vehicle mileage under the standard rate for 2017
    • Commuting
    • Business related (meetings, training, multi-site facility visits)
  • Transportation Fees
    • Parking passes
    • Tolls
    • Bus or train fare (non-overnight transportation)
  • Meals and entertainment (subject to Department of Transportation (DOT) hours of service limits)
  • Overnight travel spending (with the exclusion of meals and entertainment)
    • Hotel rooms / Air BnB’s
    • Flights and airfare
    • Car rentals

You must have enough unreimbursed expenses ($75 or more) to be able to itemize this form. To find other qualifying business-related expenses to include on your own income tax filing, see Form 2106 at

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