What Types of Tax Preparers Are There?

When it comes to tax time, you may find yourself among the millions of taxpayers who look to a tax professional to file their returns. But, have you ever considered what the various types of tax preparers are?

Types of Tax Preparers at H&R Block

At H&R Block, we know not all taxpayers have the same filing needs. Here, you’ll find tax professionals with extensive training and experience. Many of our Tax Pros hold professional licenses or specialize in focused areas of tax to help you navigate any filing need.

Professional licenses

  • Enrolled Agents (EA) – These tax pros are licensed at the federal level by the IRS. Learn more about our enrolled agents.
  • Certified Public Accountants (CPA) – These specialists are licensed at the state level to practice accounting in tax and other financial matters. Find out about the CPAs at Block.

Areas of expertise

  • Retirement – Your tax situation can change once you enter your retirement years. These tax professionals let you enjoy your well-deserved retirement while they take care of your retirement plan related taxes.
  • Small Business/Sole Proprietors – Running a business? Let our tax preparers navigate the unique tax situations and ever-changing laws that business owners face.
  • Military Service – To help those serving our country, we have tax professionals that understand the impact military service can have on your tax filing and help guide you to make sure your return is accurate.
  • Investment Income – Your investment portfolio can affect your current and future tax situation. Our tax experts understand the impact of your gains, losses and more.
  • International Taxation – Working or living abroad means special tax requirements when you file your U.S. return. You can trust our Tax Pros who are specially trained in international taxation to help you find your way.

Virtual Tax Professionals Mean Convenience and Expertise

When choosing H&R Block for your tax filing needs, you’ve always been able to find exceptional tax knowledge and service. Now, you can access that same expertise from the comfort of your home with an online Tax Pro. Whether you just want to ensure you haven’t missed anything or you want someone to take care of your filing from A to Z, we have got you covered! Learn more about virtual tax preparation.

Tax Pro Review and Tax Pro Go

H&R Block now offers two ways for you to tap into our Tax Pro expertise virtually.

  • Tax Pro Review is ideal for do-it-yourself filers who like the convenience and ease of online filing, but want the added confidence of an expert’s double check to ensure nothing is missed.
  • Tax Pro Go lets you leave your tax filing to an expert who will prepare and file your return for you. You simply upload your tax documents online and your Tax Pro takes care of the rest.

Take advantage of filing your taxes online and relax knowing you’ve got your taxes won thanks to the Tax Pros at H&R Block.

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