Pennsylvania Tax Rate


While federal tax rates apply to every taxpayer (based on your filing status), state income taxes vary by state. Some states have a flat tax rate, marginal tax rate, or don’t have any state taxes at all.

Pennsylvania (PA) levies tax on your income each year. State income taxes are a percentage of money that you pay to the state government based on the income you earn while working or living in the state. Read on to learn more about the Pennsylvania tax rate.

What Are the PA Tax Brackets? tax brackets

In PA, tax rates are flat, thus there are no PA tax brackets to report.

The individual income tax rate is 3.07%. View more information on PA tax rates.

This applies to individuals, estates, trusts, partnerships, S corporations, business trusts and limited liability companies not federally taxed as corporations.

When Are PA State Taxes Due?

As a PA resident, your state tax return is due the same day as your federal tax return. This tax deadline fluctuates each year but typically falls on April 15 each year.

Need Help With PA State Taxes?

While understanding your PA state tax rates may be straightforward with it being a flat tax state, there is more to it. Like figuring out your state tax deductions (SALT) on federal returns to save on your overall tax bill.

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