IRS Letter 6002 – You Didn’t Address Your Health Coverage

You didn’t tell the IRS if you had health insurance on your tax return.

Type of notice: Return accuracy

Likely next step: File an amended return

Also see: IRS return or account problems, IRS bill for unpaid taxes

Why you received IRS Letter 6002

  1. You did not indicate on your tax return whether or not you had health coverage for the tax year as required by the Affordable Care Act.
  2. The IRS sent Letter 6002 to inform you that you must file an amended return to address your health coverage. If you did not have health coverage, but qualified for an exemption, you must also complete Form 8965, Health Coverage Exemptions to claim an exemption. If you do not qualify for an exemption, you must calculate your Shared Responsibility Payment.

Notice deadline: None

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