IRS Notice CP14I – Balance Due

You have a balance due on the return for the year shown on the notice.

Type of notice: Unpaid balance

Likely next step: Address a bill for unpaid taxes

Also see: IRS return and account problems

Why you received IRS Notice CP14I

  1. You have an IRA or tax-sheltered account and filed a tax return.
  2. The IRS determined, based on the information provided on the return, that you either:
    • Did not take out the required minimum distribution from a traditional IRA or
    • Put more into a tax-sheltered account (IRA, Roth IRA or Medical/Health/Education Savings Account) than is allowed.
  3. The IRS sent CP14I to inform you of the resulting tax, penalties, and interest due.

Notice deadline: 30 days

If you miss this deadline: Additional penalties and interest will be due.

Want more help?

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