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Revenue agents and tax compliance officers or tax auditors are located in one of the seven Small Business/Self-Employed Field Examination areas. They conduct field examinations of income tax returns filed by individuals, small businesses, and other entities to ensure compliance with Federal tax laws.

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The IRS employee that audits your tax return may be referred to as a tax auditor, revenue agent, or tax compliance officer. The title your auditor has usually relates to the complexity of the return being audited. Revenue agents generally handle the more complicated returns and tax compliance officers, the least complex.

Regardless of the actual title, the auditor’s job is to ensure that all items (income, credits, deductions, etc.) were reported accurately on the tax return. The auditor will typically ask you to provide documents to prove some or all of the items on your return.

Learn how to handle an IRS audit of your return, or an IRS audit of your business return.

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