Tax Dictionary – Tax Information Authorization (Form 8821)

IRS Definition

Tax Information Authorizations (TIAs) allow your appointee to inspect or receive confidential tax information for the tax matters and periods you specify. The appointee of a TIA can be anyone you choose, including “family and friends”.

TIAs can be submitted in writing or can be done over the phone. It allows your appointee to receive verbal or written account information (transcripts) and copies of IRS notices. Form 8821 can be mailed in, faxed in or delivered to an area office.

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You can choose a person to research your IRS account for you. IRS Form 8821, Tax Information Authorization, allows the individual, corporation, firm, organization, or partnership that you choose to obtain information about your tax account from the IRS, but they cannot act on your behalf.

Your appointee can obtain your IRS transcripts and, if you choose, will receive a copy of any IRS notices you receive.

Learn more about researching your IRS account.

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