Tax-Problem Index: Business Tax Issues

Here are the most common types of tax problems businesses experience, and what to do about them:

IRS Business Tax Audits

To take the fear out of audits, you need to understand how they really work. Learn how to handle an IRS audit.

IRS Business Tax Penalties

If your business was assessed a tax penalty, it may qualify for penalty abatement. Discover why the penalty was assessed and learn about your options to remove it.

IRS Business Tax Bills

If you file your business return and can’t pay your taxes, you have options. Learn which one is best for you.

IRS Business Tax Return and Account Problems

Payment posting issues, return inquiries and other account issues can eat up valuable time you could be spending maintaining and growing your business. Get information about a notice you received and what to do about it.

Business Back Tax Returns

Unfiled returns can mean stiff consequences. Learn how to get back in good standing with the IRS.

Not Sure What Your Tax Problem Is?

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell what the root problem is. And the last IRS notice you got may not give you the full picture of what’s going on. Learn what to do next.

How to Research Your IRS Account

Your business’s IRS account information isn’t readily available or easy to read. Find out how to access tax transcripts, or get expert help working with the IRS.


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