Cheap Winter Date Ideas

February 13, 2017 : Denisse Icaza

Spring and summer bring low-cost date choices. However, winter date choices are limited since most outings need to be indoors, and especially if you are trying to accommodate a limited budget.

The money spent to spend some time as a couple is an investment in a relationship, yet it needs to be carefully planned or else your spending could spiral out of control. If you’re looking for cheap winter date ideas, here are some that could help you save some money and instead put it towards that little nest egg you’ve been thinking about starting.

1 – Go Out for Coffee and Dessert (Not Dinner)

The first thing that comes to mind when people talk about going on dates is having dinner. My husband and I used to go to restaurants often and spontaneously in the beginning of our marriage, but it was one of the reasons those early years took a toll on our personal finances. Now we save the restaurant outings for planned, special occasions. Instead, when we go on dates and want to sit somewhere quiet, we eat at home and go out for coffee and dessert, or hot chocolate.

2 – Become Tourists in your Own City

Visit local museums, local attractions, and aquariums for little or no cost. You can even use Groupon or Living Social to look for deals on entrance fees of places or events. Arcades are also a great place for a cheap indoor date — $5 can get you a guaranteed playful date. And, if it snows where you live, find the largest hill and go sledding!

Window shopping is also a great date option in winter, especially if you go to an indoor flea market or mall. It always offers an opportunity to people watch. If you are enticed to by something, just be careful with your spending. Take it up a notch by trying to buy something small for each other without the other one noticing. (Keep it under $5.)

3 – Stay Home!

Staying in might not sound exciting, but it’s actually a great way to bond with your loved one. If you have kids and want to avoid the expense of hiring a babysitter, wait until the kids are in bed and spend a couple of hours together. You could listen to favorite tunes, rent a movie, look at old photo albums, play a board game, or build a puzzle. Or you could make a meal together, work on a home project, share a late-night dinner and dessert at home.

Hopefully this post offered some cheap winter date ideas you can do as soon as tonight! You don’t have to spend a lot of money, just be willing to be creative and resourceful to make your winter dates fun.

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Denisse Icaza

Denisse Icaza

Guest Contributor

Denisse Icaza is the founder and editor of the award-winning blog She is a freelance writer and works as a social media consultant. She is also a wife and mother of 4 children.

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