Lose Weight and Save With These Cheap Healthy Meals

February 07, 2017 : Enigma Valdez

After reading this post’s title, you may be curious as to how being financially frugal can help you lose weight. Well, after all, finances is about tracking, measuring, saving, budgeting and growing money. Here are some cheap healthy meals so you can lose weight and save!

Cheap Healthy Meals at Restaurants

One of the things that tends to eat up a lot of money is eating out in restaurants. Even if you go to a fast food restaurant and order from the value menu, you still end up paying way too much for what you’re getting. There’s good news, however. You can still eat at restaurants (healthfully).

  1. There’s a new crop of healthy fast-food chains popping up — like Panera, Chipolte, Protein Bar, Zoe’s Kitchen, and Jason’s Deli… and most entrees are under $10.
  2. Split an entree with a family member! Most restaurant portions are pretty large, so it’s possible you can share the meal with a loved one!
  3. If you are eating out as a family, research restaurants nearby that host a “kids eat free” night. Then, choose healthful options!

Cheap Healthy Meals from the Grocery Shopping

The same thing holds for going grocery shopping. The average grocery store has about 42,000 items, most of which are over priced, unhealthy foods. Anything that comes in a package contains chemicals that are bad for your physical health — and financial health. By limiting your shopping to the perimeter of the grocery store as much as possible, you automatically end up saving money, practicing frugality and investing in your health. Keep in mind, one of the best investments you can make is into your health!

Grocery and department stores are designed to get maximum returns in their investments. The goal is to get you, the consumer, to spend as much money as possible in their store. It makes sense, right? However, you as the consumer, needs to hold on to as much money as possible, while getting the most for your buck. You cannot avoid shopping in the aisles, however, remember that the more time you spend in the aisles, the more likely it is that you’ll overspend. The aisles is where grocery store managers and merchandisers target you with displays, coupon dispensing machines and all kinds of glitz and glamour to get your hard earned dollars.

Despite all of that, here are some really healthy, weight-loss friendly, and cost-efficient foods that you’ll want to consider for your next trip…

  1. Dried beans – You know those beans that come in the plastic bags for $1 or $2? There are all sorts of varieties, including black, red, kidney, lima, and mongo beans. They are loaded with protein and fiber, and very low in calories. Load them into your crock pot with a few beef cubes and seasoning for a delicious, frugal, and healthy meal.
  2. Oatmeal – Oatmeal for breakfast is another healthy and cost-efficient meal. It will give you quality fuel to do what you need to do throughout the day. This means less food intake, which translates to more money saved!
  3. Fresh fruits & vegetables – Check out the produce section for fresh fruits and vegetables. While your local grocery store may have a nice selection, you could even try out your local farmer’s market. For an extra discount, go an hour or two before closing, as often prices tend to come down, because the merchants need to get rid of the produce before closing.
  4. Avoid sodas – Sodas are another item that can add up over time. Not only that, but they can also alter your mood. If you must drink a soda, try to shave down the quantity of sodas. Instead, try to drink water as much water — it’s free and better for you! Here is proof why water is so important for our bodies!

Believe it or not, there is a direct connection between living frugally and living healthy. It’s not just simply about saving money, but being budget conscious is about demanding a higher quality of life from your money. This is all about investing in your health and being able to lose the extra pounds, so that you can continue to enjoy an increasingly higher quality of life. It is not about the most toys, but about the most joys.

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Enigma Valdez

Enigma Valdez

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