Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Thrifty Gifting

May 12, 2017 : Allie Freeland

It’s almost Mother’s Day! Whether you are gifting for your mom, grandmother, godmother, sister, or friend, this is a great opportunity to show your loved one(s) you appreciate them. So, without further adieu, here’s a guide with some unique and thrifty gifts for Mother’s Day — all under $50!

  1. Find adult art class: Take them to paint class! A crop of “adult” art classes have popped up all over the country. For around $35 you can by a fun experience. For even more of a value, check out your city’s park and recreation department.
  2. Join a cooking class: Now that we’re on the topic of experiences, treat your mom to a cooking class! While she may be an expert in the kitchen, the class is a great opportunity to bond and learn some exciting recipes.
  3. Pamper her: Spa services are a huge category for Mother’s Day. In fact, The National Retail Federation estimates that $933 million will be spent on relaxation and beautification this May. You can purchase a salon gift card and let her choose the services.
  4. Get local flowers: Head to your local farmer’s market and buy a bundle of fresh, local flowers. At it’s only a fraction of the cost of flower shop at around $10 – $15 per bundle.
  5. Score a cleaning coupon: Who doesn’t like a clean house? Find a flash sale website like Groupon or Living Social to purchase discounted cleaning services. For the ultimate thriftster, clean their house yourself! This act of kindness is on par to any expensive gift. Who doesn’t love a clean house?
  6. Reading never gets old: Buy your mom a refurbished eBook. For under $49 you can find many used Kindles.
  7. Makeup lessons: Who doesn’t want to look beautiful? Book an appointment in the beauty department at a local department store. Many times you can score a free appointment with the purchase of one item!
  8. Take her to the vines: You do not have to live near Napa to visit a winery. Wineries have popped up nationwide — many of them with yummy food truck options to pair with your choice of wine.
  9. Bike to a coffee ship: Take her on a bike ride to her favorite coffee shop! Nothing says love like getting out into the outdoors.
  10. Think summer: If you live in a warm climate, take her to the beach or a pool. Treat her to a packed lunch or if served, Pina Coladas!
  11. Take a picnic: Buy a wicker basket and take the time to make a gourmet meal. Find a local park, rose garden, or picnic area by open water to eat al fresco and celebrate the day!
  12. Gift card: Want to leave it up to your mom to choose how to spend her money? Gift her a $50 Visa Gift Card so she can spend it as she chooses. You’ll be a part of a large pack. In fact, American consumers spent $2.2 billion last year for Mother’s Day on gift cards alone.
  13. Make her a photo book: Shutterfly, Snapfish, Walgreens, CVS, and a host of retailers offer great deals on photo books around Mother’s Day. Take advantage of the seasonal deals and create a flip-worthy book of shared memories through the years. Even last-minute shoppers have the time to create and print a book.
  14. Personalize a mug: Have a little artist at home? Capture their masterpiece on a mug and share it with the ones they love, making every sip of coffee or tea even more enjoyable! MySweetCannella takes a high-resolution scan of the artwork and prints it on a mug for just under $15. Tervis offers customizable (and shatter-free) wine and water glasses.
  15. Be Charming: Buy some magnetic wine glass charms that attach through any glass or plastic cup. There are charm sets to fit any and every theme from Girls Night Out to Swarovski crystals, flowers, fun in the sun, emojis and ​more. Sets range from $15.99 to $27.99.

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Allie Freeland

Allie Freeland

Contributing Editor, H&R Block

Allie is the Contributing Editor of the H&R Block blog, Block Talk. She has been a practicing grammar geek since 2007.