Resources to Understand Your Small Business


Whether you run a business on your own or have a handful of employees, taxes can be a critical part of your financial success as a small business owner.

H&R Block is here to partner with you and help you address any tax or accounting challenges that come your way. As your business grows, you can rely on us to meet your changing needs.

To help you understand how taxes can affect various aspects of your business, we’ve created a Small Business Guide with insightful and instructional articles.

Small Business Starter Guide

Choosing a Business Entity – 101

Learn how to choose the small business entity that is best for your tax situation.




How to Start a Small Business

Not sure what you’ll need to know about how to start a business? Get business startup tips and learn about business tax requirements with H&R Block.



startup taxTax Implications of Starting a New Business

The startup tax or new business tax is a topic many new business owners shy away from. Our tax pros provide business tax tips so you don’t get caught off-guard.



A Guide to Small Business Taxes

Small business taxes can be overwhelming as an entrepreneur. Learn more about small business taxes 101 with the experts at H&R Block.




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Self Employed Tax Filing

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