What If the IRS Needs More Information to Process My Return?

Were you notified by the IRS that it needs more information before they can process your return? Don’t worry; we’ll outline what you need to do to amend and complete your taxes.

To fix a return that the IRS says is missing information, you’ll need to file an amended or corrected return using a 1040X tax form as soon as possible. Once you’ve been notified that the IRS received and accepted your 2018 return, you can prepare an amended return. If you filed your 2018 return with our online program, you can prepare an amended return with us.

Keep in mind that you’ll be creating an amendment by adding new data. You won’t be changing your existing return.

Steps to Take If the IRS Needs More Information to Process Your Return

If the IRS needs more information to process your return, follow these steps to file an amendment:

  1. Go to your dashboard or Main Menu.
  2. You’ll see the option to file an amended return at the bottom of the screen after your return is e-filed and accepted.
  3. Follow the directions to amend your return.

Once you prepare your amended return, you must print and mail a 1040X tax form, even if you e-filed your original return. You should include copies of any schedules that have changed and any forms you didn’t include with your original return.

If you made any changes to your original return before starting the amendment process, you’ll need to go back and undo these changes. Otherwise, your amended return will contain incorrect information.

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