Why Did My H&R Block Import Fail?

One of the most convenient reasons for using H&R Block’s Online products to prepare your taxes is importing your tax info. However, sometimes your H&R Block import can fail.

If your import failed, it might be due to technical reasons that have nothing to do with whether your tax or financial info was correct.

Potential Reasons Why Your H&R Block Import Failed

Your H&R Block import might have failed for a few reasons. The most common reason an import fails is because the incorrect username and password was entered.

Another reason we see imports fail is because the info you’re trying to import isn’t available yet. For example, some financial institutions send their 1099 forms out later than others, so if you tried to import a 1099 that wasn’t available yet, it will fail.

Double-check to see that you have allowed third-party sharing with your financial institution. That way your financial institution can share your tax information with H&R Block. You should be able to update this setting when you’re logged in to your financial institution’s website.

Your H&R Block import might have failed because a slow internet connection caused it to time out. Or, it’s possible your financial institution’s site is slow or down at the moment. To help resolve the issue, you should check your internet connection and try again.

If your H&R Block import continues to fail, you can enter your tax info manually.

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