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Where can I buy an H&R Block tax software CD to do my 2020 taxes?

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2 min read

At H&R Block, we’ve noticed that fewer and fewer people are using our CDs to do their taxes with H&R Block Software. That’s why we’ve switched to offer only software downloads and new in-store options. Not only does this help to cut down on the environmental impacts of tax software CD packaging, but it also helps us focus on the needs of the growing number of people who don’t have access to disc drives.

However, if you’re really set on having that physical H&R Block CD, we do have one option for you. If you choose to buy and download our software from our tax software page, you’ll have the option to add on a tax software CD for a small fee.

How to Download or Buy Your H&R Block Software Without a CD

The good news is, our H&R Block Software isn’t gone – we’re still offering it in various other forms.

We suggest going to our tax software page and downloading your H&R Block Software directly. Not only can we help you find the software that’s best for you, but you’ll also be able to download your H&R Block Software immediately, without any need to go to a store. If you decide you do want an H&R Block Software CD after all, you can also add that to your download purchase for a small fee. Both the CD and the download will give you access to the exact same software.

Still want something physical? Or maybe you’re planning on heading by the store later anyway? You can still buy our software at a physical store, like Best Buy or Walmart. If you choose this method, you’ll get a card telling you how to download your software. There won’t be a H&R Block Software CD, but make sure you keep the activation code included – you’ll need it to get your five free federal e-files.

If none of those options sound like what you want to do this year, check out our Ways to File Taxes page. There, you can see all of our tax prep options, including filing by yourself online, going into an office, and lots of options in between.

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