How Do I Fix an SSL Error?

If you have an SSL error in your H&R Block Software, here’s what you need to know.

How to fix an SSL error for Windows:

  1. Check the time and date on your system:
    • Double-click on the time shown in the lower right-hand corner of your screen (in the system tray).
    • On the Date and Time tab, set the correct date and time.
    • Click Apply, then OK.
  2. Temporarily shut off all of your firewall and security software.
  3. Check your H&R Block Tax Software proxy settings:
    • Go to the Tools menu and choose Proxy Settings.
    • Choose Use the system automatic proxy configuration script, then click OK.
    • Try to install your state return or e-file your return again.
    • If these steps don’t work, repeat them — but, at step 2, choose Disable all proxy settings.
  4. Restart your computer before you attempt to e-file your return or buy a state return.

How to fix an SSL error for Mac:

  1. Temporarily shut off all of your firewalls and security software.
  2. Check the time and date on your system:
    • Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu.
    • Click the Date & Time icon.
    • Set the current date and time, then click Save.
    • Exit System Preferences.

Still Have an SSL Error on H&R Block Software?

If you’re still having an SSL error, H&R Block support specialists can help. Contact them at 800-HRBLOCK (800-472-5625).

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