We’re turning things upside down with upfront pricing

H&R Block is shaking up the tax industry by becoming the only major national brand to offer upfront, transparent pricing. Unlike other major tax companies, we believe consumers deserve to know the price of tax prep before the filing process begins – in person or online, so we’re transforming the customer experience for the better this year.

File with a tax pro File online

No surprise endings when you file in person

With H&R Block’s upfront pricing, you won’t be surprised by the cost of your taxes when you finish. That’s because we give you a pricing sheet with all of our fees when you step into an H&R Block office. Plus, your tax pro will answer any questions you may have so you know the price from the start.

How we redefined the industry’s pricing model

Traditionally, tax preparers have based their prices on the number of tax forms a client needed to complete. Those tax forms numbered in the hundreds. Plus, it meant clients couldn’t know their price until after their tax prep was completed.

We’ve simplified everything. In just three steps, our clients can know the price before they begin. First, they determine their base price from just five easy-to-understand categories. Next, they determine if they need any state returns. Finally, they add the fees from any of the approximately 20 items that apply to their tax situation.

In-store pricing:

5 base price categories

Your life and filing situation go hand in hand. Our five pricing categories are based on your life and filing situation, not tax forms.

Filing a state return?

Filing one or multiple state returns also affects your price. Don’t worry, our tax pros are well versed in preparing multi-state returns.

Additional factors

Lastly, identifying things like tax credits, investment income, and additional products or services will determine your final price.

Lower prices when filing with a pro

In addition to upfront, transparent pricing, we’ve lowered prices for millions of clients who file with a tax pro. In most of our tax offices, the price for a federal return will start at $59 with an additional fee for every state return.

Know your online price from start to finish

We’ve always provided online filers with an upfront starting price. But this year, we’ve added Price Preview to provide transparency throughout the online filing process. Now your price will be displayed in real time as you prepare your return. If your costs change for any reason, Price Preview will update automatically. So you always know how much you can expect to pay.

Get live help when filing online with Ask a Tax Pro

Starting January 4, 2019, H&R Block’s online filers can have unlimited, on-demand access to a tax pro while they complete their return on phone, tablet, or desktop. Our new Ask a Tax Pro service allows online filers to chat and share their screen so a tax professional can answer specific questions. The service also gives clients the option to talk to a tax pro by phone if they prefer. It’s one more way H&R Block clients can access the expertise of our certified network of tax professionals averaging 15 years of experience.