Unique Tax Identity Theft Support

We created Tax Identity Shield® as a tool to help protect those concerned about tax identity theft.Disclaimer number 97. Scrolls to disclaimer.

Why Take Action Against Tax Fraud?

Tax Fraud: Easy For The Thief, Stressful For The Victim

While tax fraud (also called "tax identity theft") is easy for the thief, it’s a stressful, lengthy ordeal for the victim. The unfortunate reality is that tax fraud is more common than you’d like to think. Tax identity theft targets anyone with a name, date of birth, and social security number. The last thing a taxpayer looks forward to is that stress, more paperwork, and multiple interactions with the IRS. For many, the biggest inconvenience of tax identity theft is a refund delay that can go on for 6 months, sometimes longer.

Here's What Tax Identity Theft Looks Like

What Tax Identity Shield® Can Help You Do About It.

We can all agree that filing taxes shouldn't come with "what ifs" – the process should be straightforward, efficient, and safe. Here's what Tax Identity Shield® membership provides:

Tax Identity Monitoring

Black Market Internet Scanning – Upon activation, we will scan dark web internet sites for your information and notify you if we find it on sites known for buying and selling personal information.

Efile alert notifications – We’ll monitor your tax return information and inform you if someone tries to commit tax identity theft by e‑filing a tax return through our H&R Block system using your information.

Credit Score and Credit Report – We’ll give the primary taxpayer access to one credit score and report.

Tax Identity Theft Risk Assessment – We’ll calculate your potential risk for tax identity theft in January 2019, and offer recommendations to help reduce that risk.Disclaimer number 103. Scrolls to disclaimer.

IRS Protections

IRS Protections – We will help you apply for proactive IRS protections if you are a victim of identity theft or tax identity theft.Disclaimer number 96. Scrolls to disclaimer.

Tax Identity Restoration (If you Become a Victim Next Year)

Tax Identity Restoration Assistance – A dedicated H&R Block restoration agent will walk you through the entire restoration process with the IRS and other government agencies to help get your tax identity restored.

1–Year Access to 3 Bureau Credit and Identity Monitoring – If you become a victim of tax identity theft next year, we will provide you access to your 3 bureau credit report and help set up identity monitoring and fraud alerts to watch for further fraudulent activity.

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Tax identity theft support starts here, and we make it simple.

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