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8 Reasons to consider Tax Pro Review

5 min read

5 min read

As a DIY tax filer, you can take charge of your taxes and see what happens with your return every step of the way. But, if your taxes got tricky this tax year, you want to get a pair of expert eyes on your return.

Enter H&R Block Tax Pro Review. With this add on feature you get the “best of both” tax prep worlds. Tax Pro Review offers a professional review of your online tax return to make sure you get every tax credit and deduction you are eligible for, spot errors or omissions and potentially even reduce the amount you owe the IRS or get more money back. It can give you the reassurance you need that you are maximizing your tax refund.

How it works

First, you’ll choose the H&R Block online tax filing product that best fits your needs, then simply add on the Tax Pro Review service when you start filing. You can also add Tax Pro Review later in the process.

After you complete your return and have submitted all your tax documents, one of our tax professionals will review it. They may have a questions for you along they way. Once their review is complete and you approve it, they’ll sign and file your return for you.

Why consider trying Tax Pro Review?

There are many reasons Tax Pro Review is the ideal approach to filing this tax year. Here are eight:

1. It’s all about you

Relationship changes, moving, and job changes are just a few life events that could impact your tax situation. Taxes are not a “one size fits all” thing —our tax pros understand this and have an eye for unique tax situations so you can get the tax credits and deductions you deserve.

2. Stay in the driver’s seat with access to a tax expert

Do you enjoy the freedom of doing your own taxes, but would appreciate having a tax pro look for good measure? Or maybe you aren’t necessarily 100% sure you are filing your return accurately or maximizing your potential IRS refund? While still having an element of control filing yourself, you can start the process yourself. An H&R Block tax professional can help find ways to increase your tax refund or lower your tax bill that you may have missed.

3. Get peace of mind that you’ve got your taxes done right

Accurate taxes are important. Whether you’ve had a life event like the purchase of a new home or your stock portfolio experienced unexpected gains (or losses!), or if your taxes just seem trickier this year, you don’t have to sweat it.

With Tax Pro Review, you can still do your own taxes with the extra confidence of an expert double-check and added assurance of a return signed and filed by a professional.

4. A secure tax document upload

We take your privacy seriously and have safeguards in place for your security. You can upload important tax and financial information through a secure, online portal that has additional security steps to verify the person using the account is you. Then, a tax professional will review within the same, secure portal.

5. Flexibility that works for your lifestyle

With Tax Pro Review, you can have a tax professional review your return without even visiting an office! You’ll communicate through a secure message center, letting you work on your taxes on a timeline that works for you.

6. Get quick reassurance

Our lives move fast in this day in age. Speed and agility are two important factors in choosing a professional service. Our tax professionals know this and will work to provide you a fast and accurate review.

7. One-of-a-kind tax expertise and experience

With nearly 70 years in business, no one else in the tax preparation industry has the collective expertise and history of H&R Block. We’ve prepared more than 800 million tax returns worldwide. Plus, our tax pros have an average of 10 years’ experience. What’s more our Tax Institute at H&R Block is among the first to analyze and understand the latest tax laws. All that tax expertise goes into creating DIY tax products and tax experiences that taxpayers have come to know and trust.

8. It’s guaranteed

H&R Block’s Tax Pro Review offers three guarantees: a maximum refund, 100% accuracy, and 100% satisfaction. Find out more about all H&R Block’s guarantees.

Get started with Tax Pro Review

Tax Pro Review FAQ

How long does H&R block Tax Pro Review take?

Everyone’s tax situation is different, but generally, more complex taxes can take longer than a simple tax return (for example, one return had one federal return and one state return and another return had one federal return and three state returns). The same can apply to how long H&R Block Tax Pro Review takes. Typically, it can take up to three days from the time you complete your online return and send your tax documents to when your review is complete and ready for your approval.*

Take note: Our Tax Pros may reach out for questions. Be sure that your contact information is up-to-date on your account.

*Different timeframes may apply during the last week before the tax deadline.

Is H&R Block Tax Pro Review worth it?

H&R Block Tax Pro Review can definitely be worth it for your peace of mind that comes with the added assurance of a professionally signed and filed return. For example, peace of mind that:

  • You haven’t missed any tax credits or deductions you deserve,
  • Your return doesn’t contain any errors that could cost you additional taxes or penalties,
  • You’ll get your maximum refund.

Do I have to add H&R Block Tax Pro Review when I start my taxes? Can I add it later?

You can add Tax Pro Review at any time as you complete your taxes in any H&R Block Online filing product. Some people like to add it at the beginning, while others, decide to add Tax Pro Review after working through their return. Either way, we’re here to give your tax return a double check.

Get started with Tax Pro Review

Gain more confidence this tax season. Tax Pro Review is offered throughout the tax preparation process. Get started with free online tax filing today!

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