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TurboTax Live Full Service vs. H&R Block

2 min read

2 min read

Comparing TurboTax Live Full Service to H&R Block? Here’s what you should know. Not all tax services are alike. While TurboTax has added some expert help options, such as TurboTax Live Full Service, H&R Block offers so many more ways to get expert help.

From working with your tax pro completely virtually to sitting side-by-side with them, you can find the tax prep method that works the best for you.

TurboTax Live vs. TurboTax Live Full Service vs. H&R Block options

You can do your taxes on your own with help via TurboTax Live or choose the TurboTax Live Full Service option. H&R Block offers both of those methods too — and more.

H&R Block offers numerous other ways to get expert help or file your taxes.

  • File with a tax pro in an office – Sit with your tax pro side-by-side. With 10,000 offices across the country, you can find an office near you. Set up an appointment.  
  • Drop off your taxes with a tax pro in an office – Gather your docs and drop them off at the front desk. Once your taxes are ready, you can approve in person or virtually. Find out more about drop-off taxes or schedule drop-off taxes.
  • Work with your tax pro virtually – Use your phone, computer, or tablet to upload your docs. Connect with your pro whenever you like. Learn more about H&R Block Virtual or set up your virtual tax appointment.
  • File on your own – H&R Block Online options let you take control and take advantage of our easy-to-use tax prep program built by tax experts. Check out our online tax filing options.
  • File on your own with expert tax help – Tap the expertise of an H&R Block tax pro with unlimited, on-demand access via live chat and screen share. Find out how with H&R Block Online Assist.

Why choose H&R Block for tax prep?

For more than 60 years, H&R has helped our clients get the most from their taxes. No matter how you file with us, you can take advantage of Block’s decades of experience to get your biggest possible refund.   

So, what are you waiting for?

Connect with an H&R Block tax pro today!

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