Is TurboTax Live the Best Virtual Tax Prep Option?

Editor’s Note: Tax Pro Go is currently unavailable, but will return in January. You can still read about the benefits of working with H&R Block to get your taxes won.


If you’re planning to do your taxes online with a virtual expert, it’s important that you understand your options. TurboTax Live may have its benefits, but how does it stack up against H&R Block’s Tax Pro Review and Tax Pro Go?

Block knows that some taxpayers just want a little help and assurance, while others want to leave their entire filing to the professionals. That’s why we offer two great ways to get remote tax expertise, so you can choose the option that’s right for you.

Compare TurboTax Live to H&R Block Tax Pro Review & Tax Pro Go

TurboTax Live vs. Tax Pro Review vs. Tax Pro Go

As the table indicates, only H&R Block provides options for those who want to prepare their return on their own and for those who want a tax professional to prepare and complete their return for them — all from the comfort of their home.

Extensive Tax Knowledge From Real Tax Experts

When you choose H&R Block, you can rest assured that you’re working with an experienced tax professional dedicated to finding you every credit and deduction available to you. With 60 years of tax expertise, you can trust you’ll always get your maximum refund guaranteed.

H&R Block Tax Pro Review: Get an Expert’s Check

Tax Pro Review is ideal for do-it-yourself filers who like the convenience and ease of online filing, but want the added confidence of an expert’s double check to ensure nothing is missed. To take advantage of Tax Pro Review, you simply start by choosing the online product that’s right for you and add on Tax Pro Review at any point. Once you’ve completed your return, we’ll connect you with the Tax Pro best matched to your situation. Your Tax Pro will provide the final tax return for your review and approval and will e-file for you.

Looking for the best value to file your federal 1040 with Schedule A? At Block, you can file it for free with More Zero, which lets you claim itemized deductions. You won’t find this offer with Turbo Tax Live. Pair H&R Block’s More Zero with Tax Pro Review and you’ll save on your federal filing and remote tax assistance.*


H&R Block Tax Pro Go: Leave It to the Experts

Choosing Tax Pro Go means an expert will prepare and file your return for you and you never need to step into an office, letting you do whatever you like. While TurboTax Live may offer help online, only Block’s Tax Pro Go lets you leave your entire online filing to the experts.

Getting started with Tax Pro Go is easy. You only need to upload your tax documents and answer a few questions about yourself. We’ll match you to a certified tax professional online, who will give you a call before starting your return. It’s never been easier to save time and money doing your taxes.

Tax Pro Review or Tax Pro Go: Choose What’s Right for You

Take advantage of filing your taxes online from the comfort of your own home and relax knowing you’ve got your taxes won thanks to the Tax Pros at H&R Block.

Get Started: Tax Pro Review                       Get Started: Tax Pro Go


*Fees apply for Tax Pro Review.

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