State income tax returns impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19)

March 19, 2020 : H&R Block

Federal and state tax returns are interconnected with information flowing from the federal return to the state return. So, the news of the Treasury Department announcing a 90-day extension for paying money owed on your federal tax bill may have you wondering what your state is doing in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Some states are conforming to the federal changes, but other states are adjusting tax deadlines in different ways. To help you understand the changes, we rounded up the state tax deadline changes in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

State tax return: Coronavirus extension reference guide

Review our reference guides for individuals, businesses and estates/trusts to find the latest coronavirus state tax impacts. For states that have announced updates, you’ll find the following information:

  • the Covid-19 tax return due date
  • the Covid-19 tax payment due date
  • details about waivers for penalties and interest.

If no details listed at this time for a given state, please know that we are monitoring the situation and will make periodic updates to our reference guide.

We understand that changing tax deadlines generate questions. We are committed to helping you understand what the changes mean for your tax situation. To stay informed about the coronavirus pandemic impact on filing your state and federal taxes visit for the latest information.

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