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Where’s my refund – Missouri?

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2 min read

Refund status for individual income tax returns can be obtained using the Missouri Return Inquiry System at https://dor.mo.gov/taxation/return-status.

In order to view status information, you will be prompted to enter:

Missouri refund
  • The first Social Security number shown on your tax return.
  • Select the filing status of your form.
  • Enter the whole dollar amount for your anticipated refund or balance due.
  • Select the tax year of the return.

Then, click “Check Status”.

You may also call 573-751-3505.

When will my refund information be available?

Your refund information for your state refund for Missouri income taxes will be available based on the way you filed: 

  • Your refund will be available up to five business days after filing electronically. 
  • Your refund will be available up to four weeks after mailing your paper return. 

When should I expect my refund?  

Generally, the timeframe for issuing refunds depends on when the return is filed and the incoming volumes. For returns filed in January with no review required, refunds can be issued within a week. However, refunds from returns filed in April can take longer. The timing of refunds is also affected by the Department’s measures to prevent identity theft and refund fraud. Refunds will only be issued when the Department has taken reasonable steps to ensure that the individuals claiming the refunds are not using stolen identities.

What can cause a delay in my Missouri refund?

A number of things could create a delay in your Missouri refund, including the following:

  • Math errors in your return or other adjustments.
  • You used more than one form type to complete your return.
  • Your return was missing information or incomplete.

Need more Missouri refund and tax information?

For more information about your Missouri refund, visit the following websites:

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