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Where’s my refund – Montana?

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2 min read

To check the status of your Montana refund online, go to https://MTRevenue.gov/WheresMyRefund or https://MTRevenue.gov/taxes/individual-income-tax/individual-refunds/.

To view status information, you will be prompted to enter:

Montana refund
  • Social Security number
  • Refund amount
  • Check the box that reads “I declare under penalty of false swearing that I am the individual taxpayer requesting the status of my refund from ‘Where’s my refund?’ “

Then, a “Search” button will appear. Click on it to see your refund status.

If you’re a Montana taxpayer with a balance due, visit https://tap.dor.mt.gov Once you navigate to this page, click “Make a payment” under quick links.

If you don’t have access to a computer or Wi-Fi, call the following number to obtain help with your Montana refund status 406-444-6900.

Your refund status may be available after:

  • One week for e-filers
  • Six weeks for paper filers

This information is updated each weeknight.

Please note: Paper checks will be mailed to first-time Montana filers and filers who haven’t filed in Montana in over three years.

Due to the growing problem of tax fraud and identity theft, Montana has instituted safeguards that can result in refunds being delayed up to 90 days. The department may ask you to verify information prior to sending the refund. You can find more information about your refund process and check your refund status at https://MTRevenue.gov/resources/citizen/taxpayer-protection/idenity-protection-letter/.

What can cause a delay in my Montana refund?

If the department needs to verify information reported on your return or request additional information, the process will take longer. Other things that could impact the timing of your Montana refund includes:

  • Math errors in your return or other adjustments.
  • You used more than one form type to complete your return.
  • Your return was missing information or incomplete.

Need more Montana refund and tax information?

To get more information about your Montana refund, visit the Montana Department of Revenue Individual Income Tax Refund website.

Need more tax guidance?

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Need to check the status of your federal refund? Visit our Where’s My Refund page to find out how soon you’ll receive your federal refund.

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