Tax filing options – Block offers many ways to file your taxes


If you’ve ever been confused about how to file taxes, you’re not alone. The good news is that H&R Block is here to help you during tax season and throughout the year.

Whether you’re new to filing taxes or have been doing it for years, and whether you’re just starting to earn income or have extensive assets to work with, H&R Block is your source for tax preparation.

tax filing options

Options for filing taxes on your own

H&R Block’s online tax services help you prepare and e-file your taxes on your own from the comfort of home. Whether you’re a small business owner, have many or few assets, or this is your first-time filing, our products are specifically designed to address each customer’s specific needs.

Our online products will guide you through your tax preparation at every step, letting you prepare your taxes at your own pace. With easy-to-use features that let you import last year’s information from competitors and snap-a-pic of your W-2, you’ll be on your way to filing your taxes in no time.

Review our income tax online filing options.

Want a little help? If you’d like to have some guidance as you go or you’re worried about getting stuck on a section, H&R Block’s tax pros are available to help.

With Online Assist, you can get tax filing assistance from a real tax pro who can chat with you and answer your questions. You can even share your screen, so you can show them where you’re stuck. It’s just one of the helpful tax filing options at H&R Block.

Check out our Online Assist options.

Options for filing taxes with a tax pro

With over 10,000 tax offices nationwide – many open year round too – there’s likely an H&R Block tax office near you. When you visit an H&R Block office, you can sit with your tax pro at a safe distance and see step-by-step how they get you your maximum refund. Our highly skilled tax pros are dedicated to helping you better understand your taxes.

Get help choosing one of our tax pros.

Want to skip the office visit, but still work with a tax pro? We have two ways to file your taxes with a pro, but without the traditional office visit.

H&R Block Virtual lets you have your return prepared and filed by a pro – without stepping foot in an office. You’ll get matched with a tax pro and upload your tax documents – then, after you review and approve your prepared return, we will file for you.

Learn more about H&R Block Virtual.

Our Drop Off services allow you to leave your tax documents with a local H&R Block office. You can choose to drop-off your tax information with or without an appointment.

Check out how our tax return Drop Off services work.

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