IRS Letter 1615 – Mail the IRS Your Overdue Tax Returns

Type of notice: Late return

Most common tax problem area: Unfiled returns

Other tax problem areas: IRS penalties, IRS bill for unpaid taxes

Why you received IRS Letter 1615

  1. The IRS never received a tax return from you for the year specified.
  2. The IRS sent you previous notices asking you to address an unfiled tax return, but never received a response.
  3. The IRS is informing you that a return can be filed on your behalf if you do not file.

Your options to address IRS Letter 1615

  1. File a return.
  2. Dispute the penalties.

Notice deadline: 10 days

If you miss the deadline: The IRS will prepare a tax return for you using the highest tax rate status and no credits or deductions that you may otherwise be entitled to.

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