IRS Letter 2626C – Request for Additional Information


Letter 2626C is issued by the IRS Automated Underreporter Unit (AUR) to inform you that additional information or further explanation is required to complete the examination process regarding your underreported income case.

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Type of Notice: Return accuracy

Most common tax problem area: IRS CP2000 underreporter inquires

Other tax problem areas: IRS bill for unpaid taxes, IRS penalties

Why you received IRS Letter 2626C

  1. You received a notice such as a CP2000 from the IRS indicating you may have underreported your income.
  2. You sent information to the IRS.
  3. The IRS sent Letter 2626C in response to the information you provided or regarding a question you had about your notice. You may need to provide additional information.

Your options to address IRS Letter 2626C

  1. Provide the documentation requested
  2. Clear up an account error

Notice deadline: 30 days

If you miss the deadline: If you do not provide the additional information requested, the IRS will send you a statutory notice of deficiency. It will give you 90 days to petition the tax court if you disagree with the IRS proposed assessment of additional tax and penalties.

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