IRS Letter 4402C – Identity Theft Verified

The documentation you submitted to the IRS has been received and an identity theft marker has been placed on your tax account.

Type of notice: Account information or change

Likely next step: Address tax identity theft

Why you received IRS Letter 4402C

  1. Your identifying information, like your Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number has been or is suspected to have been stolen or compromised.
  2. You notified the IRS of the potential for ID theft and its possible impact on your tax account.
  3. The IRS requested that you provide documentation of the potential or known ID theft.
  4. You submitted documentation to the IRS.
  5. The IRS sent Letter 4402C to notify you it has received the required ID theft documentation and there is no tax related activity currently on the account. The notice also informs you that an ID theft marker has been placed on your account to flag any future tax related issues.

Notice deadline: None

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