IRS Letter 484C – Collection Information Statement Requested

The IRS either needs you to complete a Collection Information Statement, or you were approved for Currently Non Collectible status.

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Type of Notice: Unpaid balance

Most common tax problem area: IRS bill for unpaid taxes

Other tax problem areas: IRS penalties

Why you received IRS Letter 484C

  1. You filed a tax return with a balance due.
  2. You contacted the IRS to indicate you were unable to pay the balance due in full.
  3. The IRS sent Letter 484C to notify you that you need to complete a Form 433F/433A, Collection Information Statement to determine your ability to pay. After reviewing the information you send, the IRS may place you into an installment agreement, change your current installment agreement payment, or place you in currently not collectible status (payment deferment).

Your options to address IRS Letter 484C

  1. Provide the documentation requested

Notice deadline: 14 days

If you miss the deadline: The IRS may proceed with enforced collection actions such as a lien or levy.

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