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IRS Notice CP260 – Credit Reversal Adjustment

1 min read

1 min read

The IRS removed one or more credits that had been erroneously applied to your account. There is a balance due as a result.

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Type of Notice: Unpaid balance

Most common tax problem area: Unpaid business taxes

Other tax problem areas: Business penalties

Why you received IRS Notice CP260

  1. The IRS posted a credit to your tax account.
  2. The IRS reversed the credit and the account now shows a balance due.
  3. The IRS sent CP260 to notify you of the change made, and to advise you of the balance due.

Your options to address IRS Notice CP260

  1. Dispute the taxes you owe
  2. Make arrangements to pay

Notice deadline: 30 days

If you miss the deadline: Additional interest and applicable penalties will be charged.

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