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IRS Notice CP40 – The IRS Assigned Your Overdue Tax Account to a Private Collection Agency

1 min read

1 min read

Your overdue tax account has been assigned to a private collection agency.

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Type of Notice: Unpaid balance

Most common tax problem area: IRS bill for unpaid taxes

Other tax problem areas: IRS penalties

Why you received IRS Notice CP40

  1. You have an unpaid tax balance.
  2. Your balance is overdue and has been assigned to a private debt collector.
  3. This notice provides you with an authentication number so you can verify that the call from the private collection agency is legitimate and so they can authenticate that they are speaking to the correct individual.

Your options to address IRS Notice CP40

  1. Dispute the taxes you owe
  2. Dispute the penalties
  3. Make arrangements to pay

Notice deadline: N/A

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