IRS Notice CP508C – Notice of Certification of Your Seriously Delinquent Federal Tax Debt to the State Department

The IRS has certified your tax account as seriously delinquent to the State Department.

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Type of Notice: Unpaid balance

Most common tax problem area: IRS bill for unpaid taxes

Other tax problem areas: IRS penalties

Why you received IRS Notice CP508C

  1. You have an unpaid tax debt over $50,000.
  2. The IRS sent several notices requesting payment but the balance remains unpaid.
  3. The IRS filed a Notice of Federal Tax Lien and/or issued a levy against your wages or bank account.
  4. CP508C was sent to notify you that your account has been certified as seriously delinquent to the U.S. State Department.

Your options to address IRS Notice CP508C

  1. Dispute the taxes you owe
  2. Dispute the penalties
  3. Make arrangements to pay

Notice deadline: 30 days

If you miss the deadline: If you fail to contact the IRS to address this tax debt, the State Department may deny a passport application or revoke an existing passport.

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