IRS Notice CP518 – You Must File Your Tax Return

The IRS has not received a response from previous attempts to contact you about past-due returns. A response is required.

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Type of notice: Late return

Most common tax problem area: Unfiled returns

Other tax problem areas: Return and account problems, IRS penalties

Why you received IRS Notice CP518

  1. You did not file a tax return by the due date.
  2. The IRS sent you notices requesting that you file a tax return, but the IRS did not get a response.

Your options to address IRS Notice CP518

  1. File a return.
  2. Clear up account error.

Notice deadline: Not specified

If you miss the deadline: The IRS may prepare a return for you with the information the IRS has from employers, banks, and other payers. Penalty and interest charges will accrue on any unpaid balance the IRS thinks you owe. If you are owed a refund for the current tax year, or any prior year, it may be delayed because of your unfiled return.

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