IRS Notice LT75 – Notice of Levy and Notice of Your Right to a Hearing

The IRS has issued a levy against payments due to you from federal agencies. You have the right to appeal this levy.

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Type of Notice: Unpaid balance

Most common tax problem area: IRS bill for unpaid taxes

Other tax problem areas: IRS penalties

Why you received IRS Notice LT75

  1. You are a federal contractor with an unpaid tax balance.
  2. The IRS sent several notices to your client requesting payment of the tax balance but the balance remains unpaid.
  3. The IRS sent LT75 to inform you that a levy against federal payments due to you has been issued and to explain your right to appeal the levy.

Your options to address IRS Notice LT75

  1. Dispute the taxes you owe
  2. Dispute the penalties
  3. Make arrangements to pay

Notice deadline: 30 days

If you miss the deadline: You will lose the right to appeal the levy before the IRS Office of Appeals. Also, other levies may be issued (such as bank account levies) and/or a Notice of Federal Tax Lien maybe filed.

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