Inexpensive Father’s Day Gifts Under $50

June 15, 2017 : Allie Freeland

It’s almost Father’s Day! Whether you are gifting for your dad, grandpa, godfather, brother, neighbor, or friend, this is a great opportunity to show your loved ones you appreciate them. So, without further adieu, here’s a guide with quirky, unique, and most importantly thrifty gifts for Father’s Day — all under $50!

  1. Learn together: Take them to class! A crop of “adult” classes in art, the outdoors, and sports have popped up all over the country. For around less than $50 you can find a fun experience to share with your loved one. For even more of a value, check out your local your city’s parks and recreation department. They have tons of affordable class options.
  2. Explore at a state or national park: June is the perfect month to get outside. Take our dad or loved one to a state park. Hike, fish, swim, and take in the scenes of Mother Nature. The only expense will be the gas there, parking, and park admittance fees!
  3. Tee it up at the driving range: Go to the greens to practice your best swing with dad.
  4. Take him out to the ballgame: Most men like sports, so you really can’t go wrong here. Tailgate and grill out – and treat him to the best BBQ around!
  5. Bike to a brewery: Join him on a bike ride to his favorite brewmaster! Nothing says love like getting out into the outdoors together.
  6. Camp in the backyard: Buy a wicker basket and take the time to make a takeaway meal. Find a local park or picnic area by open water to eat al fresco and celebrate the day – and him!
  7. Make him a photo book: Shutterfly, SnapfishWalgreens, and a host of retailers offer great deals on photo books around Father’s Day. Take advantage of the seasonal deals and create book of memories through the years. Even last-minute shoppers have the time to create and print a book with expedited shipping.
  8. Personalize it: Every dad loves personalized gear. Check out for some fun and unique gifts for him.
  9. Buy a gift card: Want to leave the gifting up to them? Purchase a $50 gift card to the retailer of his choice.
  10. Get outdoor gear: Summer is the best time for enjoying Mother Nature. Get him some outdoor gear for camping, fishing, or his favorite al fresco activity.
  11. Choose something handcrafted: Etsy has a handful of handcrafted artifacts, gifts, and trinkets for dad — all under $50.
  12. Give him something that’s music to his ears (kind of): Does your loved one have a long commute? Get him some audiobooks to pass the time.
  13. Buy him a furry friend: Has your loved one ALWAYS wanted a furry companion? Head to an animal shelter to find his new best friend.
  14. Take care of his errands: Allow your dad or loved one to kick back and relax on Father’s Day. Take his car out to get a car wash and fill up on gas or pick up his dry cleaning and spot the bill… It’s the little things that are important, right?
  15. Exercise your inner Italian: Eat in and make pizza together — homemade pizza is a collaborative and fun process. Plus, you’ll get quality time with your loved one!
  16. Get creative: If you are gifting on behalf of children, work together to create a DIY gift. Here are some ideas from Parenting Magazine.

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Allie Freeland

Allie Freeland

Contributing Editor, H&R Block

Allie is the Contributing Editor of the H&R Block blog, Block Talk. She has been a practicing grammar geek since 2007.

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