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Providing help as July 15 filing deadline approaches

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3 min read

May 14, 2020

H&R Block

H&R Block is Here to Help.

In the past few months, we’ve changed the way we work. We’ve changed the way we live – shopping for groceries online, staying six feet apart in checkout lines, and helping kids with homeschooling. We’ve changed the way we socialize – dinners out have been replaced with home cooking or take-out and friends and families gather around their computer or phone screens to catch up virtually. But what hasn’t changed is H&R Block’s commitment to providing help and inspiring confidence in our clients and our communities everywhere.

During all this change, I have witnessed one constant, the passion our tax professionals have for serving clients. It’s their dedication and passion to help that continues to inspire me every day. H&R Block’s tax professionals create our human advantage. These experts helping guide people during one of the largest financial transactions of the year are committed to getting the best possible outcomes for their clients.

July 15 is the extended tax deadline

The IRS has extended the deadline for tax filing and payments until July 15. We know lives have been disrupted by the pandemic and many people still need to file a return. We know the pandemic has changed incomes, impacted small businesses, and brought access to relief benefits in the CARES Act. We also know that help is needed. A recent H&R Block survey found that people want help when it comes to financial matters. In the wake of the pandemic, more than half of survey respondents plan on seeking out human help over artificial or automated help when it comes to their finances. For many Americans financial confidence, how they feel about their financial situation, often starts with the tax filing outcome. We can help you understand the outcome and, just as importantly, calculate your withholdings to help you get the outcome you want next year.

We have been serving clients year-round in our community offices for years and that will continue during the pandemic. From extra cleanings to following social distancing guidelines, we have taken steps that allow us to help you, while keeping all of us safe.  If you typically meet with a tax pro to prepare your return, now instead, you can drop off your documents or simply call and we’ll work with you to upload your documents without coming to an office. After we receive your documents, a tax pro will call with any questions and you can even review and approve your return electronically.  If you prefer to work with your tax pro in the office, you can do that while following social distance guidelines.

Block is here to help

In addition to helping you meet the extended federal filing deadline, we’ve created a resource to help you understand the impact of the pandemic on tax filing and the benefits provided in the CARES Act. Visit www.hrblock.com/coronavirus for updated information on individual impact, small business resources and relief, unemployment benefits, tax extension information, and a stimulus calculator.

The month of May brings yet another way we are helping people who help– H&R Block is offering our virtual Tax Pro Go service at no charge to frontline workers including police, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and healthcare workers. It’s a small way we can express our gratitude and appreciation to these amazing people for their courageous service.

During this pandemic, it’s important we all do our part and help each other come out of this stronger than before. Know that we are here to help you with coronavirus resources and expert tax preparation. Thank you to our tax professionals for continuing to deliver help and expertise in ever-evolving conditions. I appreciate all you have done to help the clients who rely on our expertise to help them navigate their taxes.

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