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Five ways to file taxes safely by July 15

3 min read

3 min read

June 30, 2020

H&R Block

With the extended July 15 tax filing deadline just days away, millions of Americans still need to file their taxes. Procrastinating the task of filing taxes is nothing new, but this year, fears around COVID-19 have impacted people’s filing behaviors in new ways.

“We’ve heard from consumers who haven’t filed yet that their top two reasons are procrastination and not feeling safe to go somewhere to file because of the pandemic,” said Karen Orosco, senior vice president of U.S. Retail at H&R Block. “We have taken many steps to prioritize everyone’s health and well-being, while providing our clients with access to the help and expertise they need to get every credit and deduction they are entitled to.”

Here is how people can meet the July 15 extended tax filing deadline and stay safe with H&R Block:

1. Come into an office to work with a tax pro

Yes, it’s still safe to meet with a tax expert one-on-one. H&R Block is taking the following measures for a safe in-person experience:

  • Social distancing of six feet or more
  • Increased the space between chairs and desks
  • Frequently disinfecting high-contact areas
  • Weekly deep cleaning of all offices
  • Limiting the number of tax professionals in each office
  • Wellness checks on all associates prior to each shift
  • Option to meet outside of regular office hours for anyone who may be at a higher risk for COVID-19

2. Drop off documents at an office

Rather than wait in-person while a tax pro prepares the tax return, clients can simply drop off their tax documents and complete the rest of the process remotely. Once the tax pro has prepared the return, the client is even able to approve it online without coming back into the office.

3. Work with a tax pro without leaving home

Returning clients can use our Digital Drop-Off service by calling their tax pro, who will send them a link to upload their documents. Clients can then work with their tax pro by chat or phone. New clients can also file virtually with a tax pro using Tax Pro Go. Clients are matched with a tax pro trained to handle their unique filing situation and can take pictures or upload their tax documents securely  ̶  the tax pro does the rest. Collaboration is easy via chat or phone. Once ready, the client gets a link to review, approve, and file their return.

4. File using our online tool

For those who prefer to prepare their own tax return, our award-winning online tools are here to help. Taxpayers can file securely from a smartphone or computer. If a taxpayer will need help from a tax expert, on-demand access to a tax expert is available with our Online AssistSM products, which includes the ability to screen-share with the tax expert.

5. Have H&R Block pick up your tax documents (in select cities)

In Detroit, San Diego, and Pittsburgh, people can schedule an appointment to have an H&R Block associate come to their home to securely retrieve their tax documents. After that, clients can work remotely with their tax preparer. This service gives filers the option to stay home while still getting the help and expertise of an H&R Block tax pro.

Visit hrblock.com to start filing or schedule an appointment today. Remember, July 15 is just around the corner.

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