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Celebrating Women’s History Month with Members of H&R Block’s Women’s Network

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4 min read

March 21, 2022

H&R Block

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we spoke with members of H&R Block’s Women’s Network, an associate resource group created to connect, help, and motivate women in their pursuit of professional success and personal fulfillment. We’re sharing their experiences and what this month means to them.

What does Women’s History Month mean to you?

Regina DeChant, Block Advisors Business Transformation Manager: “It means we are heard, uplifted, and unified in our quest for equality and hope for the future.”

LeAna Flores, Program Director, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging: “To me, Women’s HERstory Month gives me the excuse to celebrate loudly and proudly the impact and advancements that all women have on the world.”

Victoria McCormick, Associate Project Manager: “It’s an opportunity to speak my mind and be heard! It is important to recognize that less than 100 years ago, women were not taken seriously in the workforce. I am excited to also be part of the Women’s History Month that my great-grandchildren will be reading about one day.”

Sam Shepard, Senior Marketing Manager, Spruce: “I’m proud to be standing where I am now, but I’m aware I’m standing on the shoulders of the women before me. They deserve to be celebrated and thanked for standing in the arena.”

Why are you involved in the Women’s Network?

DeChant: “I wanted to be enriched and supported by progressive and successful women in the HRB family. I joined at a time when there were few members in the field and wanted to be more connected to our corporate support partners.”

Flores: “Being involved in the Women’s Network allows me to grow professionally and develop my network across the enterprise with women who are advancing the company every single day. It also enhances comradeship and provides support and guidance. The Women’s Network is the original Belonging Group so they serve as an example to all of us.”

McCormick: “Joining the Women’s Network was an opportunity posed to me by my leader, Julie Robinson. After that, I jumped all in! The incredible energy and drive from the women within this organization is inspiring. Being a committee member allowed me to understand the forefront of the inner workings across each committee. I’ve since then been able to chair a different committee and help grow the Women’s Network holistically, which is a great professional and personal development opportunity!”

Shepard: “I look around at Block and see so many powerful, inspiring women in leadership positions. It’s always been something I’ve enjoyed about working here. Many of my meetings are all-women. I joined the Women’s Network to connect with my peers and leaders, inspire others, and push the organization to be on the forefront of embracing the power of women.”

What does H&R Block do to support women in the workplace?

DeChant: “Most recently, we have seen positive changes in our benefits and career building blocks, such as Better Up coaching platforms. We have expanded our Belonging groups and have dedicated teams that cultivate these groups, focusing on diversity and inclusion. Being part of the Women’s Network is important to me and something I look forward to participating in as much as I can.”

Flores: “Outside of our Women’s Network and the advocacy they do for all women, I think the company speaks to the needs of women strongly through our best-in-class benefit offerings and through our professional development opportunities.”

McCormick: “THE WOMEN’S NETWORK! We have a great group of women who focus on inclusion, development, and community. The benefits department has also recently implemented new ways to support women as well.”

Shepard: “This year, our focus with the Women’s Network is to amplify each other’s voices. It’s as simple as reinforcing each other’s ideas in a meeting or making sure credit is given where credit is due. The result, though, is a culture where our voices are no longer drowned out.”

What is your experience like working as a woman at H&R Block?

DeChant: “I feel fortunate that I’ve been empowered by female and male leaders throughout my career at HRB. My hard work, performance, and tenacity has been recognized and cultivated. I’ve been able to create great relationships across all channels of the network and feel very supported personally and professionally from my peers and leaders.”

Flores: “I have had the lucky experience to be mentored by men and women at Block who have encouraged me to take my seat at the table. Truthfully, in some arenas it can be challenging, but at Block I have been taught to never pass an opportunity to lead, no matter your gender.”

McCormick: “It has been surreal to be able to share conversations with other like-minded women of all stages in life. I feel comfortable to share my ideas at the table with my male counterparts — that’s not a culture that is typically normal in corporate America.”

Shepard: “My job allows me the privilege of working with many incredibly intelligent women. We cheer each other on, back each other up, and provide a friendly ear when needed.”

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