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H&R Block More Zero includes free online filing of itemized deductions

4 min read

4 min read

January 06, 2017

Six in 10 taxpayers can file free federal and state income tax returns with H&R Block More Zero


Now do-it-yourself taxpayers can get a little something more from their tax preparation – a LOT more, in fact. Approximately six in 10 taxpayers could now file a federal and state income tax return for free through March 31, 2017 with H&R Block (NYSE: HRB) Online, thanks to H&R Block More ZeroSM. Clients can import a tax return from virtually any competitor, upload key tax documents and prepare and file a return on any device.

“This offer is among the most aggressive offers across any digital tax preparer since I have led H&R Block,” said Bill Cobb, president and CEO of H&R Block. “With it, we are going to attract new clients to our brand. They will discover our expertise with this best-in-class DIY product that guarantees them the biggest refund they are entitled while also protecting their personal information.”

In addition to being easy to use, H&R Block More Zero offers free filing for federal forms 1040EZ, 1040A and 1040 with Schedule A plus a state return, meaning approximately 87 million taxpayers could take advantage of the company’s best online tax preparation offer ever.

“H&R Block More Zero gives more taxpayers than ever a free federal and state filing option – even if they itemize their deductions. With our offer, clients don’t just get their taxes done, they get their taxes won,” said Heather Watts, H&R Block vice president and general manager of digital products. “Almost 50 percent more taxpayers could file free federal and state returns with H&R Block More Zero than they can with the largest competitor’s free offering.”

More can file free

With H&R Block More Zero, filers who can prepare and file federal and state returns for free, include:

  • 1040EZ filers who generally file single or married filing jointly and have no dependents
  • 1040A filers who may have student loan interest, educator expenses or even a tuition and fees deduction
  • 1040 Schedule A filers who itemize because of mortgage payments, charitable donations or medical expenses.

New this year, all H&R Block Online products allow the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) to be claimed without any additional costs. The EITC is a valuable credit claimed by many families; in tax season 2016, 26 million taxpayers claimed this credit for a total of $65.6 billion, which is an average of $2,482 per taxpayer.

Snap, import, file – all for free

In three easy steps, taxpayers can complete and file their returns for free:

  1. Take a picture of the W-2 with a smartphone
  2. Import last year’s return – no matter how it was prepared – using the easy “drag and drop” feature
  3. Enter or import any other new information to prepare and file this year’s return.

All of this can happen with greater flexibility, allowing taxpayers to switch back and forth as needed from a smartphone, laptop, desktop or tablet. Anytime a taxpayer switches between devices to enter information, the program will pick up where they left off. As they enter data, Refund RevealTM will show them how and why their refund amount is changing.

“H&R Block’s DIY products are better than ever, easier to use than ever and taxpayers still benefit from the company’s 60-plus years of tax experience and knowledge. Further, no matter how you choose to file your return, you are protected by our enhanced security features,” Watts said.

Like all H&R Block tax preparation products, consumers receive the brand’s guarantees of maximum refund, 100-percent accuracy and 100-percent satisfaction, plus audit support, which includes reviewing the notice, researching the issues involved, helping the taxpayer respond, reviewing the audit findings and explaining the appeal process.

Taxpayers may visit hrblock.com to access H&R Block DIY online products or the special section of the company newsroom to read what clients are saying plus more product details.


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H&R Block, Inc. (NYSE: HRB) is a global consumer tax services provider. Tax return preparation services are provided by professional tax preparers in approximately 12,000 company-owned and franchise retail tax offices worldwide, and through H&R Block tax software products for the DIY consumer. H&R Block also offers adjacent Tax Plus products and services. In fiscal 2016, H&R Block had annual revenues of over $3 billion with 23.2 million tax returns prepared worldwide. For more information, visit the H&R Block Newsroom at https://www.hrblock.com/tax-center/newsroom.