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H&R Block Helps Huntington, WV neighborhood turn an old school into a community gathering space

2 min read

2 min read

February 11, 2022

H&R Block

Holly Mount has been a resident of Huntington, West Virginia, since 1999. Surrounded by hard working individuals in her neighborhood who want to reinvigorate the area, Mount took the opportunity to nominate her community space to turn what used to be an elementary school, into a true community square for the neighborhood to come together.

When Mount learned she was selected by H&R Block and Nextdoor as part of their Make Every Block Better partnership, she was excited to rally neighbors to help with the project that included painting, mulching, cleaning and more.

“It was so fun and it felt good to get my hands dirty,” Mount said. “We had people ages 4-75 working that day and everyone played a part in making it a success.”

Mount cites the new space as a turning point for the area. Since project completion, the neighborhood association has hosted holiday events and everyone is truly working together to keep the space vibrant and bring people together.

“The true credit belongs to the Gallaher Village Neighborhood Association, and their president, Kim Williamson, for their tireless efforts to build up their community,” Mount said. “They took the groundwork laid by the H&R Block project and ran with it. It’s been so impressive to watch the area thrive.”

The neighborhood association now uses this as a spot for their community and family events. They have hosted Halloween and Christmas events where other members of the community contributed treats and decor that can be every season. The events are free and always have large attendance.

H&R Block has a goal of bringing positive change to 500 communities in all 50 states by 2025, investing in programs supporting small businesses and helping communities thrive and connect. Learn more about Make Every Block Better.

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