H&R Block statement on recent IRS hardware failure

February 04, 2016

The IRS is currently experiencing a hardware failure that is affecting a number of its tax processing systems. This issue is impacting the entire tax preparation industry. The IRS is not currently receiving e-filed returns or sending acknowledgements. This issue is preventing the IRS from accepting e-filed returns and may be affecting its ability to issue tax refunds. But, there is no reason clients should delay preparing their returns. H&R Block systems are not impacted and it is business as usual. We are still preparing returns in more than 10,000 tax offices nationwide. In addition, H&R Block’s do-it-yourself online and software tax preparation solutions are available. We will submit returns to the IRS when it is ready to resume accepting e-filed returns. H&R Block clients who have provided their e-mail address will automatically receive an e-mail notification when their tax return has been accepted by the IRS.

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