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One week until tax day – for U.S. expats

3 min read

3 min read

June 08, 2015

Americans living abroad must file a 2014 U.S. tax return by June 15, 2015

Americans living abroad must file a U.S. tax return by Monday, June 15, even if they did not earn income in the U.S. As the world’s largest consumer tax services provider with offices in 14 countries and territories and a virtual service for U.S. expats across the globe, H&R Block reminds Americans abroad to file their returns by the 15th, including any previous years’ returns they neglected to file, under the IRS streamlined compliance programs.

“With the IRS providing taxpayers abroad the opportunity to file prior year returns to come into full compliance, now is the time to file not just your 2014 return, but to take advantage of the streamlined program and file returns dating back to 2009,” said Roland Sabates, operations director of H&R Block’s expat filing services. “The IRS has not established a definitive deadline and the protection from penalties offered by the streamlined program could end soon.”

The streamlined program introduced by the IRS helps expats who were not aware they had a responsibility to file a U.S. tax return. U.S. expats should understand the eligibility requirements for the program and collect necessary paperwork dating back as many as six years – sometimes from foreign institutions with different reporting requirements or timelines than the U.S. government.

Taxpayers who cannot collect the necessary paperwork or complete an accurate return by June 15 can avoid the failure-to-file penalty by filing an extension, which will move the deadline to October 15. However, they still need to pay any tax due by June 15 to avoid late-payment penalties. To estimate their 2014 tax liability, taxpayers should begin with previous years’ returns to compare income, withholding and life changes that could impact their return, like a dependent leaving home.

H&R Block’s expat services offer expertise, accessibility, convenience

H&R Block Expat Tax Services has experts dedicated to specific countries and regions and their unique tax requirements. From handling the tax consequences of Australian superannuation funds, to Mandatory Provident Fund accounts in Hong Kong, Pillar III pensions in Switzerland or ISA investments in the United Kingdom, H&R Block’s expat tax experts are equipped to address the unique complexities of foreign tax requirements across the globe.

Expats can have their U.S. tax returns completed by H&R Block tax experts in an office in more than 14 countries and U.S. territories. In addition, they can now work with a tax professional using the company’s virtual service. The virtual service is a secure option that includes a customized interview to ensure an accurate return is prepared. Plus, all the benefits of an H&R Block office experience are available, including accuracy guarantees and the opportunity for free Second Look® reviews of past returns.

Learn more about expat taxes and access expat tax advisors through the virtual service or to find the nearest office.


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