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H&R Block to Release “Responsibility Island,” a Reality TV Parody Series That Blends Comedy, Love and Taxes

4 min read

4 min read

February 13, 2024

The groundbreaking micro-series brings taxes to the big screen in a hilarious and unexpected pairing. All episodes air Friday, February 16 on The Roku Channel 

KANSAS CITY, MO – Feb. 13, 2024H&R Block (NYSE: HRB), the company that revolutionized the tax services industry, makes its debut in the entertainment world with the premiere of “Responsibility Island,” a short format scripted reality TV series that brings levity to taxes. The comedic satire is comprised of four short episodes, featuring a dynamic and hilarious cast. All four episodes will air on Friday, Feb. 16, on The Roku Channel, YouTube or H&R Block’s website

Responsibility Island features a group of young adults who think they are embarking on the latest dating show journey. To their surprise, what they thought would be an adventure to find true love is actually a responsibility boot camp. The show follows cast members TayTay, Jynyphr, Zane, Blaze, Trinity B and Narci as they take on a gauntlet of challenges in adulting designed to teach self-reliance and productivity. They must face the mother of all responsibility to get off the island – filing their own taxes. 

“We took a topic that people dread, taxes, and made it relatable, funny, self-deprecating, and culturally relevant,” said Jill Cress, chief marketing and experience officer, H&R Block. “Doing your taxes is the ultimate symbol of independence and responsibility, and we’re having fun with this life milestone. It’s become the juxtaposition of topics we never knew we needed.” 

H&R Block partnered with the award-winning creative shop, production company and entertainment studio Piro to create the series intended to capture the attention of young adults and first-time filers. From casting, writing and directing this series, Piro was instrumental in shaping and bringing it to life in a way that reaches audiences and entertains them. 

“This intentionally unlikely pairing of reality TV and taxes is a first of its kind for the tax industry,” said Daniel Rosenberg, co-founder of Piro. “H&R Block leaned into an entertainment genre that 77% of Gen Z consume weekly, and 93% say they want to see brands do something new and unique rather than just serve them ads. H&R Block demonstrates that informing and entertaining don’t have to be mutually exclusive.” 

Earlier this year, H&R Block debuted its latest integrated Tax Season brand campaign, It’s Better With Block, to showcase the many reasons to file with H&R Block and join the 5 million tax filers who switched to Block last year.1 Like Responsibility Island, at the heart of the campaign, It’s Better With Block shows that taxes don’t always have to be taxing. No matter the circumstance or how complicated the situation, Block clients can rely on the experience of the more than 60,000 tax professionals and its world-class The Tax Institute to ensure 100% accuracy and a maximum refund, guaranteed.2

All four episodes are available for free on The Roku Channel, YouTube or on H&R Block’s website beginning Friday, Feb. 16.  

1 Total number of new customers using assisted or DIY tax solutions regardless of other prior tax preparer or method. 

2 See hrblock.com/guarantees for complete details.    


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