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A Story of Resiliency: How Anjelika Hernandez Served H&R Block Clients While Navigating Hardship 

3 min read

3 min read

October 20, 2023

H&R Block

Anjelika Hernandez joined H&R Block as a Client Services Professional in Conroe, Texas nearly two years ago, following in the footsteps of her mother and sister who worked for the company. As a wife and mother of five, she was thankful for the opportunity to work at a trusted organization that would allow her to provide for her family.  

Hernandez spent her first tax season building strong client and team relationships. Her passion for working with clients was evident to many around her. But, while dreaming about the future and building excitement for her second season at H&R Block, tragedy struck, changing her life forever. 

On August 27, 2022, Hernandez was hit by a drunk driver, putting her in critical condition and causing a strenuous 33-day stay in intensive care.  

Healing from a long list of injuries away from home proved to be difficult, but her biggest concern of all was missing out on her children’s lives, including her 13-year-old son’s first year of football. Her concern, however, quickly turned to motivation and a transition from the hospital bed to a wheelchair while her body continued to heal.

“I was told that I shouldn’t have survived that accident, but I was able to heal and return home to my kids,” said Hernandez. “I knew if I didn’t fight through the pain, I would get stuck in this stage of life and never succeed. I couldn’t let my kids see that.”   

The Conroe H&R Block team supported Hernandez along the way. She was surprised when her leader asked her to return to the office for the 2023 tax season, knowing her schedule would be filled with frequent doctor visits throughout her recovery.  

“My team was so nice and accommodating,” said Hernandez. “My leader said, ‘You’re important…H&R Block will still be here.’ This flexibility was essential, so I could still support my family when we were barely able to make ends meet.”  

Not everyone in this situation would return to a job with as much passion as Hernandez. Clients praised her ability to serve others when she needed help the most.  

“I needed that reassurance, because helping clients helped me push through my own pain,” said Hernandez. “H&R Block really is my home away from home.”   

Hernandez’s resiliency earned her a Henry Bloch Excellence in Client Service Award just two months ago for her resiliency and positive attitude while facing tremendous adversity.

“Through my journey, I discovered how delicate life really is, and I want others to remember me for always seeing a brighter day, no matter what,” said Hernandez.   

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