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Support for H&R Block Associates Across Life’s Many Stages

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October 25, 2021

Tiffany Scalzitti Monroe

Four associates sit and chat

At H&R Block, we recognize that the future of work is changing. These changes require both reflection and action, and we have challenged ourselves to meet the needs of our associates both inside and outside of the workplace. Most importantly, we’re committed to creating a culture where our associates can bring their authentic selves to work. That’s why I’m so excited that we’ve announced an expansion of our benefits offerings, which provide more options for our associates no matter their stage in life and further supports our culture of connected inclusivity and belonging.

 Our expanded benefits suite ensures that inclusivity extends beyond conversation and training to provide access and support for every associate at H&R Block, no matter their life stage. This includes:

  • Expanded mental health benefits: An enhanced mental health support program for regular associates, including greater access to therapists, coaching and holistic mental health services through Lyra, a comprehensive mental health hub.
  • At-work and at-home resources to support neurodiverse individuals: Manager training to support associates with neurodiversity in the workplace, support for neurodiverse associates, as well as social and emotional learning resources for parents and caregivers of neurodiverse individuals via Rethink.
  • Expanded paid leave for all types of parenting and caregiving: Eight weeks of paid parental leave for any parent, including those adopting, and four weeks of paid caregiver leave to care for a spouse, child or parent with a serious health condition for regular associates.
  • Expanded support for infertility, surrogacy and adoption: A $30,000 benefit for eligible associates that can be used for fertility treatments, adoption or surrogacy support for any associate and family situation.
  • More support for pregnancies: An app to support regular associates from conception through baby’s entire first year, delivered by Cleo. Cleo also provides workplace support and resources for manager to help navigate family transitions and support working parents.

These benefits and our culture at large work to ensure that associates feel supported through a broad range of life and family situations. Our commitment to their well-being is holistic and unwavering. These new benefits mark a new frontier for inclusivity and bring us even closer to reaching our Block Horizon 2025 Ambitions.

To learn even more about how we work to help, support and inspire confidence in our associates, and build a culture where all associates feel like they belong, you can view our corporate responsibility report at MakeEveryBlockBetter.com.

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