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H&R Block clarifies privacy policy

1 min read

1 min read

March 20, 2017

H&R Block

Because there has been recent confusion about H&R Block’s privacy policy we want to be clear: we do not sell clients’ personal information. Information collected is used within the H&R Block organization to support your tax return and our tax-related products (e.g. providing customer service, our products like Tax Identity Shield and Refund Transfer). Clients’ SSNs and other personal information is not provided to third parties for any commercial purposes without additional client consent. As our CEO said in December:

“We know people are very protective of their information. One of our principles is we protect our clients’ privacy, we protect their data. We do not sell data.” (H&R Block CEO Bill Cobb, 3rd quarter, FY17 Earnings Call)

We take our clients’ privacy and security very seriously and apologize for any confusion our policy, as written, may have caused. Our policy is consistent with industry standards; however, we are reviewing it to provide additional clarity. For anyone with concerns, you may opt out here.

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